Yosemite Stepped Gardens: Project History

The Yosemite Gardens site is part of the city of Centennial’s Urban Center zone as written in the 2011 code. The 24 lot parcel was originally envisioned by city planners to be the non-residential and mixed-use center for all of Centennial and define the city’s skyline. However, the unified development they envisioned never came to fruition and over the last decade the incredibly restrictive regulations prohibiting single parcel new builds led to an overall deterioration of the area. After extensive negotiations with the city over the last three years, the city is ready to approve Yosemite Gardens as a flagship project for the zone with the hope of enabling neighboring parcels to begin redevelopment.


The vision of Yosemite Gardens is what sparked the birth of Antal Development. The parcel was purchased in May 2018 and the desire to continue contributing to the growth of the Denver Metropolitan Area is why Anil Antal formed this newly-established real estate business with a focus on mixed-use developments. Previously, Anil Antal has owned and managed multiple single-family homes since 2007 under Antal House LLC.

Today, Antal Development’s primary focus is building Yosemite Gardens and spark redevelopment of an underutilized district in the Denver Metro Area. The goal is creating a new Urban City Center in tandem with city planner’s desires for redevelopment and increased access to new rental spaces in this high-growth region.